As an agent for Total Merchant Services they use the fine print in you contract to stop paying your residuals and at the same time advertise that they have no minimums. When your residuals do not equal 250.00 monthly they stop paying you.

Great for retirement *that would be their retirement) (not so good for yours) frankly they are liars and not a good company to work for and in addition their phone support it terrible 15 to 30 minutes of hold time while you are standing in a merchants store waiting for the service they need to process sales.

In trying to discuss this with Hawkins Seaman the manager 20 emails have been ignored and phone calls not returned. Really a poor way to do business/

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Very true! The same thing happened to me.

Many months my residuals were over $250, yet they came up with chargebacks to my account as an excuse not to pay. They are crooks!!!


I was a TMS customer over a year ago. I realized in November (after 12 months of thinking my account had been closed) that they were still taking the monthly charges (between $39 and $50) from my checking account.

The first time I called and asked questions, they blew me off and no one called back. The second time, we were told that a "Refund Request" would be put in, and we would hear back within seven to ten business days. Today, after waiting five weeks to hear back, I called. The woman I spoke with in "Customer Service" (yeah, right) was rude immdiately, put me on hold for about fifteen minutes, and in the end told me that I wouldn't get any of the money back most likely.

But, if I did, it would only be about sixty days worth.

Do NOT do business with Total Merchant Services. They are rip-off scam artists!!!

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