UPSET Body Shop owner. A TMS person in their risk management dept called me stating that they needed a copy of my signed MERCHANT COPY, A copy of the bill, and what services were rendered be for they transfer the funds into my account when I Called I could not get a hold of the person who called me, after five calls I'm still getting the run around.

Our company builds high end muscle cars and can't afford to these kinds of hag ups!

My next call is to the Colorado attorney generals office of consumer fraud. thanks for listening All Angles collision repair Wichita Ks.

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As an independent payments professional now working through TMS, I feel it's important to address concerns such as those expressed by Anonymous, even though a year has passed since their complaint.

In general terms, fraud and risk assessment and mitigation are vital parts of the payment system, since fraud costs everyone billions every year, and extend past the initial authorization obtained at the point of sale.

Although policies certainly can vary from company to company, bottom line: post 2008 financial meltdown the risk tolerance levels of many companies within the industry have decreased considerably, especially among sponsoring financial institutions. The result - an uptick in funds, more specifically transactions, held for review. It isn't just TMS, its many companies in the industry, and it's all in an effort to protect everyone, merchants included, from the considerable costs of fraud and charge-backs.

Can it cause havoc with a business’s cash flow? Absolutely, and no in-industry professional is insensitive to this, but is it really justifiable to condemn your payments partner based on their trying to protect everyone’s interests by holding a transaction for review and documentation prior to releasing the funds?


The irony abounds as this is essentially one of those sites. :grin


In the credit card processing world, it is very important as a merchant that you cross your t's and dot all your i's. There is a lot of fraud in this industry.

We do a lot of risk holds also, but usually release them the sameday. It is important that you have the customer name and billing address on the invoice and the contract. This will protect you from chargebacks. What we do is call the issuing bank to make sure the credit card number matches the information on your invoice.

If this doesn't match ther is a chance that it is fraud. If you would like help with this, please give me a call. 972-783-7200 Marcelo.

Also we have an A+ Rating with the BBB and you will not find us on any of the complaint sites. www.bancardpayment.com

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