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When I first started using Total Merchant Services, they were great - gave 24/7 support (and the person you talked with actually knew what they were doing and you could understand them). Now, when you have a problem on the weekend, which is when a lot of wireless terminal users are working, you will get someone that does not know ANYTHING. I was on the phone with them for a total of 2-1/2 hours because I could not get the terminal to work properly, and the problem was resolved - costing me several hundreds in sales.

When I cancelled my account, I was told I would receive a return label from them to send back the terminal. Unfortunately I left for a one-week vacation the day after the cancellation, and the label came while I was gone. When I got back I immediately sent the terminal back. Then I received a letter saying I was going to be charged for the terminal. I call the phone number in the letter, and was told that they did indeed have the terminal, and there was nothing further I needed to do.

Four days later TMS sucked $750 out of my account, costing me $22 in NSF charges. The next day the $750 was reversed. When I called them on this, they said the contract I signed stated I had only 10 days to return the terminal. These items are ALWAYS hidden in the fine print - and when I asked why the person I spoke with in response to their letter said I didn't need to do anything and confirmed the terminal was received, they still took money from my account - they indicated it was not their responsibility to advise me.


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this guy is right on the money with these jerks, they did me the same way only worse, the only thing I got on them was when they tried to debit my account for the equipment THAT WAS RETURNED IN TIME!, i caught it and stopped payment. then reported them to the BBB. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!!!!!!!

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